Monday, November 20, 2017

Life's Fun and Easy with Sodexo GC!

"Nothing in life, even a few broken bones, is without its reward"- John le Carre

I was a former Restaurant Manager in a fast-food chain before I decided to be a full-time homemaker.

Few years back when I was still working, my employer, KFC Philippines awarded and rewarded its Top Performing branches, together with the management for the "Highest Up-Sizing Category"- in the form of Sodexo Gift Certificates!

I felt so blessed that my store was included in their list for four consecutive quarters and with that, I got to take home a total of P10,000 worth of Sodexo Premium Passes.
(Pagkaabot pa lang sakin beshy andami ko na agad naisip puntahan at bilhin. Excited?)

To be recognized itself was already a rewarding experience for me. But wait, there's so much more to that! What could be more "rewarding" than a reward? My Sodexo GC's will tell it all.

My Most Rewarding Experience with Sodexo Gift Certificates:






Food is life, and when I say food,I mean buffet, haha!

Yes, my family and I were able to indulge in a feast, just like full-blooded Kings at Vikings SM Mall of Asia branch using my Sodexo Premium Passes!

It was fun and filling, and we really enjoyed such bonding. Plus, our tummies were the happiest at the end of the day. LOL!

What's in it for you: Sodexo Gift Certificates are accepted from over 10,000 merchant outlets nationwide! Wow, that's a lot!

If you have one and you still have no idea on where you can use them, see the list of their partners here:


Shopping isn't really my thing but when it comes to my daughter's stuff, I don't hesitate to spend.

Good thing I had those Sodexo GC's with me on her birthday, I was able to buy some clothes, shoes, toys and other kiddie things for her from SM Department Store and Toy Kingdom SM San Lazaro.

Uh-oh, wallet saved!






Groceries, yay! Hep hep, Sodexo GC's can also be used in SM Supermarket, and that favored my side, hehe!


(Ipinang-grocery ko na 'yung natira beshy, bago ko pa maubos sa pagkain!)

What I like most about Sodexo Gift Certificates is that they have always been and forever will be VALID; re-validation and replacement of these are free of charge once the validity is reached.

That means, you can buy whatever your heart desires without the need to hurry!
(May FOREVER kasi sa Sodexo GC's!)

So those are my amazing and rewarding experiences using Sodexo Gift Certificates!
How about you guys? We're excited to hear yours too!

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